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Selling a property in Spain can be a complex matter when not knowing the specifics related to country, region, province and city rules and regulations. This is where professionals help to cover and protect you. The lawyer and real estate agency are key in this process and should be selected carefully at the start of the selling process. At Luxury Bargain Villas we can present you with the reliable partners you need to successfully market, contract and complete the sale in the shortest time possible and without any surprises.

To market your property, it's advisable to prepare the property itself in its most presentable form. Remove clutter and set stage for a great first impression. We'll take professional photos which will help gaining interest from people searching for a property like yours. We can even offer a virtual experience with 360º images and virtual tours where the visitor to our site can virtually "walk" through your property.

Next price setting is crucial to attract serious buyers; here we need to evaluate your property and compare it to similar homes in your market. Our professional valuation service is key and included in our standard service to our vendors.

Next we market your property via various channels to increase the chances to find the true buyer and obtain the maximum return for your property investment. Potential buyers are duly qualified before they are shown your property in person. If the buyer is interested to buy, typically a purchase offer is made and potentially a negotiation process takes place, which we rigurously manage and complete for you. Next we initiate and monitor the formal sales steps and follow through to closure.


The average closing costs involved with the sale of a property in Spain are between 10 and 15% of the sales price.
Main components include: